What is a Proxy Server? How to Use Proxy Server

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is a server that tries to retrieve Web pages by providing only its own identity to the sites it visits. Requesting data comes first to the proxy, and through the requested proxy, the data is transmitted to you. Usually, they are used to increase the effective network speed of your connection to the Internet because they save information’s and files that are requested by many many users in a special database what is called “cache”. When you retrieve pages behind proxy, then proxy server first look into “cache” and if the same information is found you will gets directly because of previously storing in “cache”. Anonymous proxy server hide your IP address and hide information about you and your interests.Besides that, anonymous proxy servers can help in the cases when, for example, the owners of the Internet resource force some limitation on users from certain countries, cities, geographic regions or even restrictions on some ip address ranges.

How to use a proxy to browse blocked websites at school or office?

As in most of the schools,sites like MySpace, facebook, twitter, Gmail will be blocked with sophisticated firewalls. So the only way to gain access to these sites in schools or office is by bypassing the firewall using a good proxy site.

Normally in school or office when a user request for a webpage for example, MySpace.com directly into the browser address bar  the firewall catches this address and checks for the list of blocked websites in its database and allows the request only if the site is not blacklisted.So if we enter a proxy site like let me hide into the address bar then school firewall will think this as a good site and will allow you to access it.The next step is to enter your site to be bypassed  in the browse area of Let Me Hide.This proxy site then requests for the blocked website through its servers and through the server of the school so that the blocked website is not easily caught by the school firewall.