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Types of Proxy servers


There are several types of proxy servers known to us.Out of these proxy servers they can be classified according to their use or purpose.Proxy servers can be used to route according to these protocols like FTP,HTTP,Gopher,IRC,VOIP,SSL etc.A proxy is actually a server which acts in the middle between you and internet.Different types of proxies are

Web Proxy - A web proxy focuses on traffic over the Webpages. Mostly these proxies are used by schools, countries, or corporations to block offensive web content, or to simply control their clients access to the internet.

Anonymous Proxy - Anonymous proxies are used to remove the user identify information from a request done to the website. This is like a proxy that allows you access to MySpace or Facebook while you are at work.

Caching Proxy - Caching proxies can send the client their request without contacting the remote server. It does this by using information that has been sent to the remote server before. This can cut down on time for requests sent.Caching proxies keep local copies of frequently requested resources, allowing large organizations to significantly reduce their upstream bandwidth usage and cost, while significantly increasing performance.

Forced Proxy - A forced proxy server handles all of the requests from the client to the internet. Hence the name forced. Many times the client will not even know they are using a proxy.

Open Proxy - An open proxy is a proxy that allows anybody to connect to and use. Open proxies can also be exploited and misused by spammers. For this reason some websites will not allow traffic to their servers from known open proxies.

Transparent Proxy Servers - A transparent proxy is a proxy that does not modify the request or response beyond what is required for proxy authentication and identification.

Non-Transparent Proxy Servers - A non-transparent proxy is a proxy that modifies the request or response in order to provide some added service to the user agent, such as group annotation services, media type transformation, protocol reduction, or anonymity filtering.


Classification of Types of proxy based on script

PHP Proxy Mostly all the proxy scripts are PHP scripts.Advantage is that they are easy to use and gives less load on the servers.

CGI Proxy - CGI proxy acts as a web based proxy server (HTTP and FTP), can support SSL. It has an integrated online filter to set whether or not you want to accept cookies, images, encoding of destination URLs, hide referrer etc

SOCKS Proxy - SOCKS is an Internet protocol that allows client-server applications to transparently use the services of a network firewall. SOCKS is an abbreviation for "sockets", a reference to the Berkeley socket interface.


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